Ranked Match Gameplay Resolution

[Unlock Function]

Player is eligible for Ranked Match after reaching Lv. 46 and completing main quest.


[Event Intro]

1. In Ranked Match, player defeats opponent via 1v1 to raise ranking.

2.10 free challenge chances are available daily. Player may spend gold to purchase chance.

3. CD will be accumulated after each challenge. When it reaches certain level, player needs to wait until CD is cleared to start next challenge.


[Pro Challenge]

1. Player may tap Pro Challenge on the top right corner of Ranked Match interface to enter Pro Challenge interface.

2. Players in Top 200 of Ranked Match may challenge Top 10 Pro directly. There are 3 chances to challenge Pro daily.

3. Successful challenger may replace the rank of Pro directly.


[Event Rewards]

1. Different glory is gained in Ranked Match based on the battle results. Bound gold can only be gained by raising ranking.

2. Raise of every rank in Ranked Match may get great amount of bound gold rewards. PS: Ranking of Ranked Match will be reset after server merge but the highest ranking will be calculated as before server merge. For example, the highest ranking reached before server merge is No. 100. Ranking is reset after server merge but Breakthrough Rewards can only be gained after exceeding No. 100.

3. Player can claim Glory rewards daily according to the ranking.

4. Top 10 players may claim Pro Benefits manually in the Pro Challenge interface daily.


[Glory Shop]

In Glory Shop, player may consume Glory to exchange items such as Newbie Fashion, skill books, rune stones etc. Exchange chances are refreshed daily.

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