Fairy Romance Strategy

【New Features】

1. When player reaches Lv. 60, you can tap on “Fairy” button below the game interface to enter the Couple’s Hall interface.

2. When the couple is online at the same time, they will get additional attribute bonus, and the bonus will disappear when either one party goes offline.

【Couple Hall】

1. In the Couple Hall, you can see other players partner-seeking notices published.

2. Tap on the magnifying glass "View", you can view the other player’s information, tap “Follow” to become fans, where that player will be added to your “Followed” list.

3. Tap on "Publish", you can publish own partner-seeking post. The declaration can be freely edited. You can choose either 1 way to publish post from 30 bound Golds for normal post or 50 bound Golds for Luxurious sticky-on-top post

4. The post will be displayed for 48 hours.


【Getting Married】

1. The players will have to confess before getting married. Look for the player in the Couple Hall and tap to confess. You’ll become couple only after the other party accepted your confession.


2. The wedding is divided into Exquisite wedding, Deluxe wedding and Wealthy wedding. Different types of wedding will consume different amount of golds and the rewards, and title given will be different too.

3. Both parties must be online together to get married.

4. Both parties’ intimacy need to be higher than 99 points.

5. You can hold wedding for several times to get fashion.

6. Other party’s approval is required to become couple after you have proposed. If there is no response after 24 hours, you can initiate the proposal again. 

【Showing Love】

1. You can tap on the “My Marriage” interface after getting married to open the Show Love interface.

2. You can send a message of "hug" or "kiss" to your partner and get Love value. You can also send "dog food" to the World Chat, where other players can tap on "Claim Dog Food" to get rewards.

3. You can increase the Love value and more attributes by sending flowers. 


【Couple Dungeon】

1. The first-time challenge requires both husband and wife to be online, then you can purge after the stage has been cleared.

2. Both couple can reset the Dungeon 1 time daily for each person.

3. You can get rewards that may include the materials to cultivate Faerie Tree and EXP after clearing the stages.


【Faerie Tree】

1. You can only cultivate Faerie Tree after getting married, that means you are unable to continue to cultivate and claim rewards if you divorced.

2. You will need to consume Faerie Dew in order to upgrade Faerie Tree, and Faerie Dew can be obtained from Couple Dungeon.

3. When Faerie Tree is upgraded, character’s attributes will be enhanced, and the Faerie Tree will bear more fruit. There will be CD time after claiming the fruits, you can continue to claim rewards after the CD ends.


【Love Fairy Jade】

1. Once player reaches Lv. 60, you can start to cultivate Love F. Jade even if you are not married.

2. Cultivation of Love F. Jade will need to consume Crystal, which can be obtained from Couple Dungeon and Gold Store.

3. When the blessing value is full, the Love F. Jade will be upgraded to the next stage, the upgrade can get more attributes.



1. Unilateral forced divorce will need to consume a certain amount of Golds or binding Golds; while if it’s under agreement divorce, divorced is successful when both parties agree, launch three times for automatic termination of the couple relationship.

2. After the divorce, the intimacy will not be cleared.

3. After the divorce, the title, fashion and jade cultivation system continue to take effect.

4. After the divorce, most of the marriage function will be closed, hence you are no longer able to enjoy the benefits.

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