Clan Gameplay Resolution

[How to Unlock]

1. System will unlock clan function when player reaches Lv. 42.

2. Player may choose to create Lv. 1, 2 or 3 Clan. Higher Lv. clan gets richer daily rewards and able to accommodate more members.


[Clan Info]


1. Clan Lv. can be upgraded by accumulating clan fund. Clan is upgraded automatically when it reaches certain amount of fund. The higher the clan Lv., the richer the clan benefits, the more the clan positions.

2. Clan fund can be gained by contributing token, contributing gold and completing clan quest etc.

3. Clan will be disbanded automatically if all members do not log in for 7 days.

4. The higher the clan position, the more benefits gained daily. The chief and Clan Fav can get the most benefits.


[Clan Members]


1. All members can be viewed in Clan Member interface. Tap options to adjust position, expel, pm, add friend, give flower, team up and check details of member.

2. Authority: All authorities are controlled by the Chief. Co-chief may appoint Elder and Elite, accept and expel member, upgrade crystal etc. Elder may appoint Elite, expel member etc.


[Clan Skills]


1. Clan skills include: ATK bonus, DEF bonus, HP bonus, Hit bonus, Dodge bonus.

2. Clan contribution is required to increase skill Lv. Clan contribution can be gained by donating scepter or gold.


[Clan Crystal]


1. 30 pts of crystal EXP is increased when 1 member completed all clan quests.

2. All members who took part in Clan War may increase crystal EXP according to Clan Point Ranking in the event.

No. 1: Crystal EXP+20 EXP/pax

No. 2: Crystal EXP+19 EXP/pax

No. 3: Crystal EXP+19 EXP/pax

No. 4: Crystal EXP+18 EXP/pax

No. 5: Crystal EXP+18 EXP/pax

No. 6: Crystal EXP+17 EXP/pax

No. 7: Crystal EXP+17 EXP/pax

No. 8: Crystal EXP+16 EXP/pax


[Clan Nurture]

1. Players have 5 free hatch chances daily, players with VIP3 and above have more free hatch chances daily.

2. There are 5 qualities of egg available, the rewards gained increase based on the sequence of green, blue, purple, orange, red.

3. Players may refresh the quality of nurture. Each refresh consumes 20 gold. First 3 refreshes daily are free.

4. Assist other players may get corresponding rewards based on the quality assisted. At the same time, the hatching time of the player you assist will be reduced by half.

5. Player is unable to claim current nurture rewards after quitting the clan.


[Clan Beast]


1. Clan beast is available at 19:30-20:00 daily. Only chief and co-chief can summon Common Beast.

2. Before being summon, all members may feed to upgrade the Clan Beast. The higher its Lv., the richer the rewards.

3. Super beast can only be summoned after Common Beast is summoned. The summoners may get extra rewards.

4. Common Clan Beast can only be summoned for free once daily, Super Beast can only be summoned once daily.

5. Member who enters the Clan Station during Clan Beast period may get huge amount of EXP under the blessing of Clan Crystal.


[Clan List]

Summary of all clans in current server can be viewed in Clan List.


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