Special Features

《Musou Glory》 is a 2017 RPG mobile game masterpiece! The game uses Unity3D engine technology, collaborating with supreme music effect, giving the players a Swordsman world that is full of Japanese aesthetic elements. Real-time PK battle that enables you to enjoy combat anytime, anywhere! Feel the fire and enjoy strong team interaction play through multi-player massacre, Clan territory Contention, and Cross-server 50v50 Brawl! At the same time, there are transformation battles where you can switch freely with gorgeous possessive skills; you might be the next legend!

【Extreme voice  3D sensory experience】

Say NO to low-end quality, and say goodbye to noisy sound effect. 《Musou Glory》 uses Unity3D engine to create a beautiful fantasy dimension, with tailor-made supreme class BGM, that gives you stunning visual and sound effect experience!

【Multi-D Gameplay  Be the only one】

360° cultivating route, multi-dimensional growth, refused to be replicated, to be the only you!

Intense camp war, rich cultivating system, hundreds of personalized fashion, absenteeism and spy identity challenge.

The game revolution has break through the traditional mobile game restrictions, where you can build a complete and vast world view, full of moving story. You can experience intense fun from different gameplays, Jade Pool bath, endless trials, the heaven spirits, cross-server gold ring and ultra-action game of fighting sense in the game. 

【Getting more intense momentum】

This is the most popular RPG mobile game in 2017, where you are the one who determine the story plot and create the skills. You, as the past contributor that dedicated your whole life, will create a great legend in this world!

There will be all sorts of Kendo in this world. It’s time to create for you to own legend in this great world!

【Special Features  Heart-warming function】

Free matching of matchless skills, practicing demons skills, melting Divine Suit, upgrading Trump!

Free combination of Hundreds of Holy spirits, the sweet debut of sweetheart fairy, you’ll no longer feel lonely!

A custom private steward, that auto remind game quests, easy offline botting!

The fun is far more than these; the above content is only the mere introduction of the game. More new gameplay and systems will be waiting for the players to discover and experience when you start playing 《Musou Glory》. Absolutely cool and exciting! Brand new version and brand new features, for players to battle to own wills. 《Musou Glory》 waits for you to rewrite the legend and battle the whole world!


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