[Musou Glory]World Horse Day


World Horse Day

On this day, Eyou Elf went out to explore. He encountered a horse in the countryside. The horse looked worn out and weak as if it were about to collapse at any moment. While looking at the horse, Eyou Elf had mixed feelings, wanting to help the horse but not knowing what to do. It seemed that the horse understood Eyou Elf' feelings at that moment, and neighed at him. But Eyou Elf does not understand horse language in the slightest!

The horse seemed to have had an idea, and it kept stroking its hooves on the ground, making some mysterious symbols. Unfortunately, Eyou Elf is unable to figure out what they mean! Suddenly, Eyou Elf was struck by a thought: the clever players. They will surely figure out what the symbol means!

We would like you to solve the symbols! We will randomly select 5 players who answer correctly and send them a prize~ (*^0^*)
Event Period: 1st March 2022- 4th March 2022 14:00 (UTC+8)

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