[Musou Glory] Happy Apple Day!


#Musou Glory #HappyAppleDay

It is a small fruit commonly found in fruit stores in red or green; It is the head logo of a worldwide tech giant; The concept of gravity simply wouldn’t exist without it; It is the fruit all doctors fear... An apple! An apple is a sweet & sour delicacy with a plethora of ways to prepare, it can be eaten raw, squeezed into juice, made into wine, and the list goes on!  Most modern-day merchandise simply can’t escape its flavorful charm as most carbonated beverages even candies all come with their unique flavor. To add icing on the cake, the apple flavored candies and carbonated drinks are actually GM Ariel’s childhood favorite! Which is why she’s so excited today!

What day is it you ask? Why, it’s Apple Day, of course! That’s right, even Apple has its own day held on Saturday or Sunday, whichever closest to 30th October. It is the day of harvest, where the farmers share their greatest joy with people from far and wide. It is this day these farmers discuss apple recipes, methods of cultivation and their knowledge about them. As time goes on, it became part of a grand culture, more and more people have a deeper understanding of apple plantation as well as the industrialization of apple markets. So in the grand history of mankind, a mere apple has its influence not only in physics, culture and also became a representation of crop genetic diversity in science.

In modern times, the apple harvest has become a year-long phenomenon, and they are sent out in large quantities all over the world. Now, everyone in the world can have a taste of a delicious apple. But due to its year-long availability, the celebration of Apple Day has slowly faded in the passage of time. So in order to restore its former glory, we are holding an online Apple Day for everyone to re-experience the fun of this event.

Event Period: 19th October 2021 12:00 PM - 22nd October 2021 12:00 PM (UTC+8)

Join the event at our Facebook page! We will give away a special prize to 3 players who’ve found all the bad apples with the best comment. But wait, there’s more, 15 lucky winners will also be chosen randomly in the comments and walk away with a participation prize. That is all, have a fun Apple Day!